Fu Fighter

- Belgian Golden Ale

Fruity, spicy, sexy. And dangerous.

The Fu Fighter is named after the Futaleufu River in Chile and the grassroots, conservation efforts occurring to protect the river from hydroelectric damming, flooding of valleys, and displacement of indigenous people.

This a big, bold, warming beer that remains remarkably dry and drinkable.  Lively fruit and pepper dominate the aroma and flavor, while  careful fermentation practices mellow the high alcohol content and avoid harsh alcohol notes.  Special Belgian yeast strains produce unique, delicate flavors and aromas in this pale, effervescent beer.  A big hit with women who favor dry, white wine.  Be careful, a few of these beers can be consumed easily.

IBU:  33
ABV: 8.9%


- German Black Lager (Schwarzbier)

Flavorful and more than the sum of its parts.

The Gunny is named after the Gunnison River in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

This a traditional Schwarzbier, a German black lager, that brings together a wonderful group of subtle flavors that combine into something far greater.  A restrained roast, caramel malts, German Noble hops, and a clean lager yeast make for a flavorful, very drinkable black lager. This is no Stout or Porter - it has just enough roast to darken the color, provide complexity, and build on a delightful Pilsner-like aroma and flavor.



IBU: 25
ABV: 5.5%


- Authentic pilsner


Your great-great grandfather would be happy you are drinking this beer. It is a clean, crisp, and brilliantly clear lager that packs much more flavor than you might expect.  Soft malt and slight sweetness in the delicate aroma mingle with subtle, floral hops. A high percentage of corn lends the perception of slight sweetness even though the beer is quite dry. A respectable level of hop bitterness and flavor hearken back to pre-Prohibition days when American lagers were . . . well . . . better. This is a substantial Pilsner that is at the same time approachable and flavorful.

IBU:  30
ABV: 6.0%


Class V

- Colorado Style IPA

A wild ride of hopiness.

The Class V (5) is named after the whitewater classifications of I through V+.  Class I being a tame, lightly rough water flow while Class V+ being a fast, dangerous, whitewater section of a river.

This is a very big, bold but balanced double IPA.   A very dry finish with a huge but not completely over the top hop flavor and aroma.  Citrus and pine dominate and, in combination with the dry finish, produce a sharp, clean bitterness that encourages the next sip.  Another beer to be careful of, as the drinkability of this beer can hides the high ABV.




IBU: 100+
ABV: 8.5%