Although no one knew at the time, Good River Beer began when co-founder Preston Hartman shared his first well-made batch of beer with friends and family in 2006.  Ever since, an irresistible urge has driven Preston to improve his skills, develop recipes, and share his beer with the world.  Nine years and two capable business partners later, this drive manifests itself as Good River Beer.  With a theme that runs through every place and culture - rivers - co-founders Eric Zarkovich, Adam Odoski, and Preston Hartman set out in April, 2015 to introduce their inspirational brews to every beer drinker. 

Adam and Preston met on a nine-day trip on the Green River in Utah in 2010.  After discovering that they shared a close mutual friend, a love of whitewater kayaking, and an appreciation for great beer, they hit it off immediately.  Over the next four years, Adam kept track of and supported Preston’s efforts to become even better at brewing established styles of beer and to build on that knowledge to create unique, inspiring recipes.  Preston accumulated over 100 awards for his beers, most notably winning the 2014 Front Range Homebrewer of the Year competition and two Professional-Amateur collaborations for the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition.

All along, Adam and Preston pursued the goal of sharing these award-winning beers with a wider audience.  The pieces fell into place in 2015 when they met Eric Zarkovich, another beer lover with the vision and know-how to build a business that will be around for the long haul.  Coupled with Adam’s entrepreneurial personality and experience, the three now had all of the tools they needed to make Preston’s dream from 2006 a reality. 

But what would be the business’s identity and what would set it apart from so many other breweries already in existence?  The three co-founders knew they needed something greater than dedication to making great beer to carry them forward, something from the heart.  They turned to their love for and fascination with rivers everywhere.  To the joy, awe, and reverence for flowing water that seems baked into our DNA.  Good River Beer was born.              

Those three words encapsulate what Good River Beer is all about.  We are building a GOOD company, with meaningful employee engagement in our mission and success and consciousness of our impact on the natural environment, all while inspiring our customers to share in our mission.  We respect and cherish RIVERS, giving back 2% to conserve their value as both wild places and resources for human use and enjoyment.  We brew the highest quality BEER, taking no shortcuts and putting all of our passion and creativity into every glass.      

When you enjoy one of our beers, you share in this story.  Thank you for supporting Good River Beer!

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