Adam started his life in Colorado after his VW Bus broke down.  Who knew that almost 20 years later he would still call Colorado home.  Having started a business in Indonesia, owned property in Bulgaria, and narrowly escaped a tight spot with his business in Boulder he is in his element as a  Co-founder of Good River Beer.    The inspiration for Good River Beer came after meeting Preston on a river trip in 2000 through the Desolation and Gray Canyons on the Green River in Colorado.  It turns out Preston went to college with one of Adam’s best friends from high school.  The two got to talking, there’s a lot of flat water on that river, and many years later, after the two met Eric, Good River Beer was born.  The rest will hopefully become history.

Good luck catching Adam if the river is running, the sun is out, or the trails are tacky.  Chances are he’s out enjoying the Colorado lifestyle with his wife Ericka and their Aussi Shepherd Capri!


Eric is a true Western boy having lived in almost every Western state with a short detour on the East Coast.  After many years in the corporate world and various moves, he decided to follow his passion for the outdoor lifestyle and beer and settle down in Colorado (it did not hurt that his wife, Christie, grew up in Colorado).  If you don’t find Eric peddling Good River Beer, he is likely out on a new adventure in the mountains with his wife and son, Paxton. 

Some of Eric’s most memorable adventures are hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro (loved it!) followed by a walking safari in Tanzania (watch out for those lions hiding the bushes), hiking the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu with his wife (she beat him to the top of Dead Woman's pass), and riding the wave of Good River Beer with Adam and Preston.


Preston began brewing ten years ago while living in Virginia.  After moving to Colorado in 2009, he expanded his repertoire and dedicated himself to making excellent beer every time.  Preston tested his best recipes in competition, winning over 100 medals, two professional-amateur collaborations for Great American Beer Festival, and the 2014 Front Range Homebrewer of the Year regional competition.  Now, he is trying to make a living off of beer!       

When he is not brewing, you will find Preston exploring Western rivers, backpacking, fishing, snowshoeing, and talking with anyone who has something interesting to say…or driving solo from Denver to Whitehorse, Yukon (what do you mean there is no reliable cell phone service in the Yukon).